Bingo – Gambling or not?

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Do you consider online bingo to be a form of gambling or not? And does it really matter? The fact is that a lot of countries, the United States included, are illegalizing online gambling for several reasons. One of them is that they want to protect under aged persons from it. Although most websites have age restrictions, it’s not hard to fake a birth number. Another reason is to make it easier to keep records of the funds that are being moved in and out from the country. You can find more information on in which countries online bingo is allowed on bingo portals such as Juego De Bingo and Jugar Bingo Online.

So, whether bingo should be considered gambling or not actually does matter… But should nations really start banning this classic game?

First of all, let us come to clear with what gambling really is. The first thing that characterizes gambling is the fact that we place a bet on something. The other factor is that we can’t control the outcome of the event that we’ve just put money on. Sure there might be certain circumstances that lead us to predict the outcome with an almost perfect certainty, but there are never any guarantees that you will actually win your bet.

So, looking at the definition above, it’s easy to say that online bingo is indeed a form of online gambling. When we buy cards in a bingo hall or online at sites like, we make a bet, and the odds are determined by the amount of cards we buy in relation to the other players, but regardless of how many cards we buy, there’s never any guarantee that we will win as long as there are other players in the same game.

The factor of chance is obvious in bingo. There are not many ways we can affect the outcome of the game, and there are not a lot of strategies we can employ in order to increase our chances of winning. As the numbers are being draw with the help of a random number generator, there’s no way for us to in any way predict the order of which the balls will come. Always play at licensed casinos that can guarantee that the numbers drawn are random. A safe way to go about it is via well known gambling portals like Juegos de bingos and online

Another thing that helps us understand that bingo is in fact a gambling related activity is the fact that it is controlled and supervised by gaming commissions. Their assignment is to make sure that the websites are being run fairly, and that all players are treated equally. If bingo was not a form of gambling, would the gaming commission really be interested?

However, there are a few reasons that would go against some nation’s intent to stop online gambling. First of all, bingo is often being played in charity events, in order to raise funds for troubled people. And also, since online bingo does not involve nearly as much strategy or money as some of the more popular casino games, is there really any need to ban the game?